Carl W. Chapek


Probably one of the hardest subjects to talk about is passing away.  Have you thought about it?

Let's get together and talk about it.  Let's decided what you want for yourself, instead of letting others plan it for you.

Topics I Discuss


Pre Need

Have a plan of your own set in place before the inevitable happens.  Do you know what you want?  Does your spouse?  Other Family? 



Have you thought about getting insurance?  Do you keep putting it off?  What is your family going to do after you pass?  House Payments? Children's education?



There are many topics here, and we can have a strategy session to find out your needs, wants, and plans for your future. 

About Me

I’m Carl W. Chapek .
I Want to Help You

Hello All,

My name is Carl W. Chapek.  When it comes to Pre-Need and Insurance, I have a lot of experience from the customer side.  I have had Term Insurance, Whole Life, I now have Pre-Need.